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ChuanBen Power Tools are very busy at the end of the year [2015-01-29]

Hardware Tools in the market has been a part of the production of high value-added products . And China has a 
strong market potential, to make it more conducive to the development of metal processing export powerhouse. 
China's hardware market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang , Jiangsu, Shanghai , Guangdong and Shandong and 
other places, including Zhejiang and Guangdong, the most prominent.
In the United States , hand tools market demand to stabilize the US housing market at the end of the size of new 
homes increased at the same time , there are still a large number of existing homes uninhabited , a great deal of 
housing renovation market opportunities. Motor vehicles and the average age of cars is getting bigger, hand tools 
for the automotive aftermarket sales played a certain role . Forging tools electronic products distribution of strong 
demand , especially adjustable wrench ; hand tools Germany increased demand in Germany, the most popular tool 
for saving comfort . Hold the tool helps smooth handle and beautiful appearance is an important factor in 
attracting them to buy desire .
In terms of types of tools , power tools are now growing in popularity. Cordless tools are becoming increasingly 
popular. The new cordless tools are now commercially available rechargeable batteries with multiple jacks can be 
used in various environments ; Taiwan hand tool industry adjustment of product structure , Taiwan hand tool 
industry with stable product quality, timely delivery, product range, able to meet customer demand, the world has 
certain advantages . And sales to Taiwan Hand Tools island market-oriented , local manufacturers currently about 
5000 , are located in the central region of Taiwan Island , medium and small enterprises .

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