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Chuanben Power Tools bless to women [2015-03-08]

Today is International Women's Day.Called " the interests of the United Nations and the International Women's Day " in China , also known as "March" Women's Day , the United Nations International Women from 1975 onwards, every year on March 8 to celebrate women in the economic, political and social spheres made an important contribution to the festival and the great achievements established . On this day, the world's continents women , regardless of nationality , race , language, cultural, economic and political differences, a common concern for human rights of women. After the founding of People's Republic of China Central Government officially March 8 as Women's Day , and held various forms of celebrations.
International Women's Day is a witness to the history of the creation of working women , the way women struggle to fight for equality with men are taking very long . Ancient Greek莉西Xstrata will lead the women's struggle to stop the war ; the French Revolution , Parisian women shouting " liberty, equality , fraternity " , took to the streets to fight for the right to vote Versailles .
Because once the effort , and now the position of women in society and better than ever , and even some women better than men.

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