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Chuanben Power tools congratulations Ms. Tu Nobel prize in medicine [2015-12-04]

Ms. Tu is the pharmaceutical companies in 1951 was admitted to the Peking University School of medicine, in the Department of pharmacy drug professional learning. 1955, graduated from Beijing Medical College (now Peking University Health Science Center). After graduating from traditional Chinese medicine training for two and a half years, and has been in the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005 was renamed as the Chinese Academy of Sciences) work, before and after promotion for master's tutor, doctoral tutor, is now the chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of sciences.
Tu Youyou, for many years engaged in the study of the combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the outstanding contribution is creating new antimalarial drug artemisinin and dihydro artemisinin. In 1972, a colorless crystalline body, named as C15H22O5, was successfully extracted. In 2011 September, since the discovery of artemisinin, a for treatment of malaria drugs, save the world, particularly in the lives of hundreds of millions of people in developing countries to obtain the Lasker Award and GSK China R & D center "life science outstanding achievement award". 
October 2015, Tu youyou won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, on the grounds that she found the artemisinin, the drug can effectively reduce the mortality in patients with malaria. She became the first Chinese person to receive the Nobel prize in science.
Today, from Beijing to Sweden to receive the Nobel prize. Although once heard because of body reason not collecting the award in person, but youyou Tu decided try to travel to Stockholm, Sweden to receive access to Chinese science and technology the first Nobel Prize in medicine. Yesterday and call the home of the Tu, her husband Li Yanzhao expressed appreciation for the media.

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