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CHUANBEN POWER TOOLS focus on ALS, take you to understand what is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [2014-08-23]

             Recently, ALS Ice bucket challenge is popular all over the world.This challenge is to

raise fundf activity to ALS patients and let more people know what is ALS.Do you know what is
ALS?Muscle atrophy amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neuron disease

(MND).It is on the motor neurons and motor neurons after injury, including ball department (a

ball, is refers to this part of the medulla oblongata dominate muscles), limbs and trunk, chest,

abdomen progressive muscle weakness and atrophy.This is a rare disease and treatment is

difficult.In order to let everyone know to this disease, cory griffin launched a ice bucket

challenge raise money of this activity.
             However,As the "ice bucket challenge" is popular all over the world, and extend to

China.On August 19, the earliest start promoting this to ALS (amyotrophy amyotrophic lateral

sclerosis, commonly known as "frozen") in patients with raising charity donation cory, one of the

authors of the Griffin.On Saturday the roof on a house in Massachusetts diving, unfortunately

drown.Sometimes life is there are so many emergencies.Let people by surprise.he has gone.But his

spirit survived.

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