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ChuanBen power tools in the power tool industry get more and more attention [2015-08-04]

ChuanBen power tools in the power tool industry  get more and more attention,Our country is the largest producer of power tools , power tools, domestic sales of 90 percent is produced domestically , whether it is production or sales , our distribution center and are regarded as the world's supplier of power tools . But in fact , the current weak due to technical innovation capability , market structure over a single, brand influence is weak and other factors, many hardware production companies often lack the core competitiveness , it is difficult bigger and stronger.
In the domestic market, power tools , power tools, the number of domestic sales have accounted for 90% of total sales , and a variety of imported brands account for only 10% of the market share overseas power tool market , an expanding Chinese manufacturing , China has become the global power tools production base. River ran continuously improve the product mix of power tools , power tool market to adapt to Chinese domestic market for power tools, power tools quality and brand more picky , either electric tools dealers, Pan Bo is still direct users are very face quality and brand power tools . Therefore , Sichuan inclination toward good quality power tools to increase . this is a way to improve , says Ben Ming-chuan power tools manufacturer matures.

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