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ChuanBen power Tools month sales 1,000,000 [2014-03-25]


Since the start of the year Chuan Ben tools , sales have been steadily high Zhimakaihua . April 2014 had sales of more rapid development , but the fly in the ointment is that from this month's sales tasks , 100,000 worse off Amount .
ChuanBen sales staff , which has been trying a few days , many customers have given the list here , there may be some convenient point in doubt , but we believe that no matter what the problem , one we can overcome.
We have the determination and passion for customer service efforts .
This month he sent 100,000 sales , oh , Chuan Ben tool partners , to come up with our passion and enthusiasm to move customers to convince customers. 100,000 is just a small number , we will be able to do.
There are still hesitant customers , Chuan Ben tools waiting for you.

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