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ChuanBen power tools shift to planning and diversification [2017-09-01]

Affected by foreign trade prices are not ideal, most of the power tool manufacturers began to adjust the strategy, pay attention to the domestic power tools market, and actively carry out market development. With the promotion of enterprise brand construction, the power tool industry can be fully transformed, from the current simplification to the planning and diversification of the future, and effectively meet the market demand. Some production enterprises in China already have sales advantages in China, and they need to play their own advantages and innovate constantly.

Although demand in the domestic market which is far less than the international market, but demand is still not small, most of which are specialized types of power tools, high prices can produce good economic benefits, so as a power tool manufacturers need to pay attention to product quality, and constantly consolidate and expand market share. As the domestic power tools market pays more attention to the quality and brand of power tools, both power tools dealers and direct users need to pay attention to the quality of power tools. Only in the enterprise product quality is perfect, can really worry about the market.

Domestic users are increasingly demanding the quality of power tools, especially for product efficiency, weight, life and other indicators. Take the construction industry, the quality problems of domestic electric tools are mainly electric hammer to heating, continuous working time is short, small impact force, vibration hammer, the operator must exert pressure to drill into the deep, easy to wear, easy to break. In order to further expand the domestic and international markets, power tool manufacturers pay more attention to product innovation, and strive for survival through quality, so that new products effectively consolidate the market. When the power tool production enterprises to produce products are becoming more and more good, naturally there are dealers willing to participate in cooperation.

Power tools market is maturing. Good brands will grow healthier and faster in a standardized and orderly competitive environment.

With the promotion of enterprise brand construction, the power tool industry can be fully transformed, from the current single

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