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CHUANBEN Power tools staff meet monthly group activities [2014-12-10]

Chuanben Power Tools is a professional power tools manufacturer , we are committed to producing quality industrial grade power tools , is to expand the size of the domestic market, while the introduction of animal husbandry and state power tools , power tools Ben Sichuan , China all power tools . Chuanben in the pursuit of product quality, good service and at the same time . Staff at break time , there are a wealth of leisure activities . One of the most popular to the number of playing cards , and our sales department , not only have tight marketing tasks to be completed , but also to maintain a good mood every day , and rest of the staff working model is the favorite . Employee group activities each month is an activity that we look forward to most , this month our staff went to a barbecue.we tasted the delicious " bamboo rice ",Bamboo and rice flavor combination , really let's memorable.

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