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Chuanben power tools to bring you to know the eve of Halloween [2015-10-31]

Halloween also known as All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day eve, in every October 31, is refers to the Halloween the eve of, similar to that on Christmas Eve, known as the "Christmas Eve", Ireland's traditional festivals, mainly popular in the English speaking areas, such as North America and the British Isles, followed by Australia and New Zealand. The children wear makeup, wearing masks, from door to door to collect candy. The next day is held great mass, a saint.
One interesting part of Halloween is "or treat Trick", which is not from Ireland, but from the European Christian Church in ninth Century. Then in November 2nd, is a Christian who is called "ALL SOULS DAY" (all day). On this day, the journey Pirang believers, next to the village with flour and raisins door-to-door begging bread made of the "soul". It is said that the donation bakery family believe the prayers of the Church of the monks, expect this to be God, let the dead loved ones as soon as possible to enter the kingdom of heaven. This from the traditional to begging has evolved into today's children carry pumpkin lanterns to discuss candy game. When they meet, dressed as a ghost spirit likeness children waking to a "trick or treat" threat, and not neglect the natural host, repeatedly said "please eat! Please eat!" At the same time, put the candy in the big pocket of the children. "Trick or treat" is a horror film for children on Halloween.
There is another saying that this custom, the custom, comes from the belief that ghosts will make trouble for the world alive when they come to the world every year. In order to protect themselves from harmful spirits, people wear looks like ghost clothes and ready to bread, eggs, and apples and other food when the offerings in order to good luck. People wear masks, costumes to confuse the ghosts, collect the offerings from door to door. A generous man lit up the light and was well received, but the mean man was threatened.

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