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Chuanben power tools to bring you to know the origin of Christmas [2015-12-21]

Christmas is coming. It is a traditional festival in the West. In December 25th, mass is a kind of church service. Christmas is a religious festival, because regard it as to celebrate the birth of Jesus, named "christmas".
Most of the Catholic Church will be first in the 24 days of Christmas Eve, in December 25th the early morning at midnight mass, and some Christian churches will be held good news report, then in December 25th to celebrate Christmas; another major branch of the Christian Orthodox Christmas celebration on January 7th every year.
Christmas is a public holiday in the western world and in many other regions, such as Hongkong, Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore in Asia. The Bible actually did not record the date of birth of Jesus, Christmas is a public.
From the beginning of ninth Century to the middle, the whole of Europe, America began to play christmas. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture.
Christmas spread to Asia in the mid nineteenth Century, Japan, South Korea, China, etc. have been influenced by the Christmas culture.
After the reform and opening up, the Christmas in China is particularly prominent, to the beginning of twenty-first Century, the Chinese local customs, the development of a more mature. Eating apples, with a Christmas hat, sending Christmas cards, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and so became a part of Chinese life.

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