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ChuanBen power tools to meet the upcoming New Year's Day [2014-12-30]

What is New Year's Day?
In around 5000 BC , the ancient Egyptians by nomadic to farming , 
settled in the Nile , their harvests and the Nile flood is a great 
relationship , from the ancient Egyptians found long-term observation , 
the Nile flooding time regular, every time they put the record on a 
bamboo pole , that are separated by approximately 365 days from the 
time between the two servo flooding , but also found that when the 
initial rise of the Nile near Cairo today came to the forefront of the 
city time, also happens to be from both the sun and Sirius rising from 
the horizon of the time. Thus, the ancient Egyptians put this day as 
the beginning of the year , this is the origin of New Year's Day.
ChuanBen power tools also perfect to complete the final year of a 
cooperation and look forward to more in-depth and long-term cooperation 
of customers next year.

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