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ChuanBen power tools to teach you how to choose the profile cutting machine blade [2015-01-10]

Aluminum cutter blade on the use of the device has a very important role , its need is very strict , since the cutting capacity, high precision , so we choose making aluminum cutter blade when the blade from material , the gear number , diameter, thickness and tooth to be selected.
1 , material selection: blade profile cutting machine is generally carbide , tungsten carbide steel machines generally good .
2 , blade diameter selection: In the case of the same thickness , determines the size of the diameter of the cutting blade yield, low yield small diameter , whereas the diameter , high yield , the blade outer diameter selected according to the different models of circular saw machine consistent diameter blade
3 , the choice of the number of teeth , the more the number of teeth in general , the more the cutting edge per unit time , the better the cutting performance , but required more and more carbide cutting teeth number , the price of the blade is high, but the sawtooth too close, the teeth of the chip becomes smaller , easily lead to blade fever ; in addition too jagged, when the feed rate mismatch , then cut per tooth rarely will exacerbate friction with the workpiece edge , affecting the cutting edge life. Typically tooth spacing 15-25mm, should be selected based on a reasonable number of teeth cutting material.
4 , the thickness of choice
The thickness of the blade of the saw blade from the theory, we hope that the thinner the better , is actually a kerf consumption. Materials and manufacturing process of the blade alloy saw blade matrix determines the saw blade thickness , the thickness is too thin , easy to shake when the blade work , influence the cutting effect.
5. Select the tooth
There are about common tooth teeth ( alternating tooth ) , flat teeth , Ladder flat teeth ( tooth height ) , inverted trapezoidal tooth ( inverted conical teeth ) , as well as rare industrial grade three left-right , left and right about flat teeth and so on.

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