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Chuanben Rotray Hammer performance and features [2015-02-02]

Hammer (electric breaker), is a single-phase series motor -driven double insulated portable electric power tools , it 
is a safe, reliable , efficient, easy to operate , widely used in pipe laying , machinery installation, water supply and 
drainage facilities , interior decoration, construction of port facilities and other construction project for ho brazing 
or other appropriate accessories , such as chisels, shovels , etc. for concrete, masonry , asphalt crushing , chipping 
, mining, grooving, cutting , etc. .
Sliding clamp bar design , locking more solid, more efficient loading and unloading Gao rod .
Vice -wrapped soft rubber handle reduces vibration , with 360 ° rotation, making the operation more convenient 
and comfortable.
Optimize the mechanical structure designed to provide extraordinary impact and durability.
High -quality motor , the moment the outbreak surging power , higher efficiency.
Unique damping spring plate , after a sharp reduction in vibration transmission , reducing operator fatigue.
Switch lock function for long working hours

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