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CHUANBEN tell you what are the requirements for construction use electric tool safety [2014-08-14]

        A, Handing electric tools must carry out security checks before use;
        B, Before use, must be no-load running, and check the flexible rotation shine;
        C, Portable grinder, Angle grinder, etc must be shield;
        D, Machine operation must not give up;
        E, Shall not touch cutting operation, mold, wheel, etc, must be renovated, must first stop, after

the repair or replacement;
        F, The use of impact drill, and may not be empty top or die, should avoid reinforcement, vertical

        G, Using stone cutting machine, should pay special attention to the leakage protection and

grounding zero good;Sheet metal is chosen to meet the requirements, correct installation, operation to

hands press tight artifacts, uniform delivery, shall not wear gloves

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