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Common problems for electric tools [2015-09-18]

1.In addition to what other uses of drill hole?
As the basis of electric tools, electric drill because it can clamp various rotating drill chuck, so many uses.
Such as mixing, screw, small grinding etc.
2.What is the use of the maximum impact drill?
Electric impact drill is dominated by rotary cutting, both rely on the impact mechanism of the impact force of the operator produce thrust for drilling a hole on a brick, brick and light wall material of electric tools
3.How to calibrate the drill bit?
Find a processing smooth relatively high degree of round bar, installed in drill clamp, fixed electric drill, with dial indicator check rod concentricity.
4.How to replace the drill bit clamp?
Generally more than 10 types of replacement is simple, drill clip below have a screw, the drill clamp with a vice or clamp the card, with a wrench screw unloading is good, the simplest is to open the electric drill, the drill clamp shaft also changed, buy a drill bit clamp of the shaft
5.How to use the drill pipe in the drilling does not slip?
1 steel pipe to be fixed;
2 before drilling the line, and then with a small drill bit;
3 drilling.
Or do a half shape, half clamp, the inner diameter of the casing is slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe, the machine can do a bit more than a bit on the machine to drill hole positioning

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