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Congratulations to Mr. Yang become Chuan Ben electric tools city level dealer [2014-04-26]

Warmly celebrate Inner Mongolia Mr. Yang Chuan Ben officially became the Inner Mongolia electric tool Hohhot only regional distributors. Mr. Yang mainly engaged in electric tools and electric tools wholesale retail, met with Mr. Yang is through the network platform, Mr. Yang from Inner Mongolia Hohhot City, far removed from our company, but with the ChuanBen Cooperative sincerity. Don't be distance down, in Jinhua asked the fellow friends to come the factory gatekeeper, mainly to solve the several major concerns:

First, quality problems
Second, the dealer protection policy
Third, customer service support

Through a morning visit and learn about, Mr. Yang friends have no objection to our service, product quality and customer service, reach a deal.

In Chuan Ben together at the end, thanks to the selection and support of Mr. Yang, believe the distribution process in the future, customer service and technical personnel in running electric tools will come from the direction of sales, technical direction to give more support, Chuan Ben always believe that only good quality with good service in order to make the brand more long-term, let the dealer with the cooperation of manufacturers more far-reaching and meaningful

Why so choose Chuan Ben electric tools, because the network era that dealers can directly find electric tool manufacturers of primary sources, forms the market competitiveness, factory direct sales, to save your money.20 years of professional high-grade electric tools production experience, product quality escort!

If you want to join Chuan Ben join hotline: 400-6388-010, Chuan Ben, quality bearing the future!!


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