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Cutting machine parts replacement and use - CHUANBEN electric tools to tell you [2015-07-03]

    In CHUANBEN  electric tool sales personnel in the process of reception customer,we find the dealer for the cutting machine parts replacement and removal methods is still not clear.Then tell you the specific methods:
    (1) installation, remove the cut piece
Remember: before replacing cutting, adjusted, pull the plug from the power supply.
On the press table, cutting piece and clamp is fixed on the output shaft in turn, with open end wrench the fixed clamp, use socket wrench to tighten hex bolt, cutting piece installation.
Installed cutting for a little while to make the cut piece on the surface of the direction indicated by an arrow and tools in the same direction indicated by an arrow.
According to the above order and vice can remove the cut piece.
    (2) to adjust cutting depth
Unscrew the wing screw can pull the bottom plate and tighten the thumb screw after adjustment to the required depth.
    (3) the use of the switch
Note: before plug in the power, must check the switch trigger action is flexible and the lock button in the pop-up state.
Press the switch trigger tool start.Loosen the trigger tool to turn it off.
Press the switch trigger, the self-locking button, and then release the trigger, tools in a state of continuous operation.Press the switch trigger to loosen the trigger, tool to turn it off.
    (4) to replace carbon brush
Tools in running or shut down, the spark in should replace carbon brush.
Cover with a screwdriver to twist the carbon brush and take out the wear of carbon brush with the new carbon brush, and confirm the carbon brush free sliding inside the hole, and then screw down the lid carbon brush.
Be sure to put the two replacement at the same time, the carbon brush and use the original carbon brush.

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