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Description of the use of electric circular saw [2013-12-02]




A standard accessory

( 1 ) a combination of the blade ( 2 ) wrench ( 3 ) guide

  Second, use

Various sawing wood .

Sawing a variety of decorative plates, thin plastic sheet materials and new software installed (using plastic saw blade ) .

Sawing stone, gypsum board, cement particle board , etc. nonmetal materials ( use of ultra- multi-network saws ) .

Third, sawing step

1, the saw body ( base ) on sawn wood on the saw blade guide rod and alignment crossed.

2 , before the encounter sawmill blade open switch.

  IV Notes

1 Before starting the saw , make sure the blade has reached full speed.

2 , the work stopped when the saw blade or unusual noise , immediately turn off the switch .

3 , pay attention to the department to make the power cord near the rotating blades .

4 , blade facing toward the side or use a chainsaw is very dangerous . This behavior should be absolutely avoided.

5 , when the job is completed , you should pull the plug from the power outlet

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