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Different points of power tools and pneumatic tools [2015-11-07]

Power tools are powered by a motor or solenoid, a mechanized tool driven by the drive mechanism working head.
Pneumatic tools include a wide range of tools that it refers to the work involved in the electrical aspects of the use. For example: wire cutters, nippers, electric knives, examine the electrical pen, screwdriver, wrench opening, flashlights, multimeter, soldering iron, megger like.
The advantages of using pneumatic tools:
1. Air is easy to acquire, and the operating pressure is low, used air may be discharged without recycling pipeline
2. The gas viscosity small, the flow resistance loss for centralized gas supply and long-distance transport
3. high-speed pneumatic actuator movement
4. The pneumatic system adaptable to the environment, can be very wide temperature range, wet and dusty environments 
and reliable work, a little leak will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion hazards, safety
5. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost
6. Long life pneumatic components
7. perform output than small hydraulic pneumatic components, faster movement, adaptable, it can be easily however, explosive, more heavy, damp, harsh environment impact work, no pollution, long working life, simple structure, easy maintenance, low prices.
Power Tools is an electromagnet powered by an electric motor or carried hand-held power transmission mechanism driven by the working head or transportable mechanized tools. Power tools are portable, easy to operate, versatile, etc., can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, mechanization of manual operations, which is widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobiles, machinery, electricity, bridges, horticulture and other fields and poured into the family.
Features of the power tool is compact structure, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy to control and operate, easy to carry, sturdy and durable. Compared with hand tools can improve labor productivity several times to several times; higher than Fengdonggongju efficiency, low cost and easy to control.

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