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Domestic big brands , Chuan Ben Power Tools [2013-09-25]


Chinese domestic market perennial power tools Bosch , Makita , Hitachi, the United States and other foreign brands giants must guard firmly grasp. Luo pointed out that the trend in recent years , foreign brands in the domestic market share decline, chaun ben power tools , expanding market share , replacing imported brands. In the domestic market share of the top four , Chuan Ben is the youngest star, but it is the fastest growing one rookie , the factory has a production for 17 years, and has become the first four of the market , chasing recent history Bosch of Germany , Japan, Makita trend.
Under normal circumstances the domestic electric tools industry , production DIY home a power tool products accounted for most enterprises , the formation of product line of professional grade products factory is extremely rare , industry concentration is low , the lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend , the domestic brand experience in the industry reshuffle , the final formation of a number of leading enterprises and standard and orderly condition ; between domestic and foreign brands , will also be re-allocation of the market, domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands , Chuan Ben will be a precedent. Internal integration needs of the industry , will give business leaders held in celebration .
It can be predicted , Chuan Ben companies have the opportunity to also have the ability to stand on the stage of the capital market , and promote China electric tool industry reorganization of resources and patterns of reform . Consolidate the occupation of the market, to further develop and exploit new markets in the future from Fai recommend focusing on the following aspects: to improve product quality , accelerate new product development. With particular emphasis on accelerating the battery power tools, the development of electronically controlled power tools , power tools and continuous improvement of product quality .
Improved product mix, comprehensive service capabilities , strengthen described above, power tool market situation is very good , but the problem is that the imperfect structure of domestic power tools market, domestic sales , Chuan Ben power tools, the most traditional high-speed power tools and general level of Carbide tool standards.

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