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Domestic electric tool brand to solve the bottleneck problem [2015-12-14]

China is not only a power tool of production, but also consumer applications, but not power tools power, in product quality, brand and other aspects of the product, to solve the bottleneck problem of restricting the development, to create an electric tool for international brands.
Domestic electric tools industry is not yet in the international market is called the sound of the brand, these are the objective existence of. Many domestic enterprises only for the international brand OEM parts, to earn meager profits by the international brand OEM, the dominant market structure remains unchanged, the domestic electric tools products of inferior position is not changed.
Due to the lack of quality and brand, leading to the domestic electric tool industry for the long-term foreign brands foundry, the product has been in the middle and low level. Although the output is big, although the export is much, but the profit is not high. In addition, due to lower prices between foreign trade companies and production enterprises, export enterprises of low price, resulting in product prices decreased year by year, has seriously affected the economic benefits of export enterprises. Electric tools are almost DIY (self) tools, can not be used as a professional tool for this product can not sell a good price, which is also an important reason for the low profit margins of domestic enterprises.

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