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Domestic electric tools export sales, Chuan Ben tool advantage [2013-09-20]


China's electric tools producing countries, domestic sales of domestic electric tools 90%, both production and sales, China is regarded as the world's electric tool center and supplier. But in fact, because of the current weak technological innovation ability, market structure is too single, weak brand factors, often lack the core competitiveness of many hardware tools production enterprise, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger. The Sichuan run electric tools, in quality and technology always adhere to strict control, the introduction of high-tech personnel, improve the innovation capacity of enterprises, staff training, learning advanced ideas, understanding of international and domestic market trend, advancing with the times, build competitive brands, product quality and excellent technology, has won the praise of many customers at home and abroad.
In the domestic power tools market, the number of domestic sales of electric tools have been accounted for 90% of the total sales volume, and various kinds of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the market share. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale unceasing expansion, China has become a global manufacturing base for electric tools, Chuan run one electric tool which is, a contribution. Domestic power tools market for electric tools for quality and brand more picky, whether electric tool dealers, or direct users, are very face of electric tool quality and brand, the Chuan Ben electric tool to win with quality, integrity to strictly business, over a domestic brand. Therefore, market to the good quality, good brand electric tool inclination increases, so, more and more people are willing to choose and believe in running electric tool. This is an increase, the power tools market matures, the Chuan Ben enterprises are also more and more stronger.

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