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Drill application areas and category [2013-11-16]


Drill for our lives has brought great convenience , today to talk about the difference between the application and the drill : The drill we simply resorting to increase drill motor driven gear rotates effort, the drill bit in metal, wood and other substances do scraping form ripped .
Impact drill chuck of the drill when working at the adjustment knob , adjustable drill and impact drill two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of beating each other within the gear shaft to achieve impact, far less impact hammer . It can also be drilled reinforced concrete , but the effect is poor .
Hammer drill( hammer ) is not the same , it is the use of two sets of gear motor driven bottom structure , a set of drills to achieve it , and the other is driven by the piston , like hydraulic stroke engine , have a strong impact, along with the drill results. Forces can crack stones of gold .
Demolition Hammer is a rejection of the motor driven swinging weights do bounce running form , so that pickaxe has generated Gouge ground effect. Gao is the use of hydraulic pressure of the gas transmission compressor driven by electric breaker in the pump rebound hammer to move , resulting in Gao Gouge ground effect, but only a chisel hammer , pickaxe it does not rotate.
All in all, only just able to drill , impact drill can drill can also have a little hammering effect. Hammer drill can drill and higher hammering , hammering only and hammer you can not drill .
Construction and Industrial:
Widely used in construction beams, plates, columns, walls and other reinforcement , decoration, wall mounting , brackets , railings , billboards, air conditioner outdoor unit , rails, elevator , steel plants and other installations.

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