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Electric chain saw safety instructions [2013-12-29]

First, note:

1, when the original article was processed less than 1.5m away from the conveyor , allowed operations.

2 , before the power is turned on , you must turn off the power chain saw switch to prevent accidental activation .

3 , the former first start bucking electric chain saws idle 1 min, check functioning properly .

4 , when starting or operating , hands and feet should not be near the bottom of the rotating parts , especially the chain

5 , when the blown fuse or relay trip , should be checked immediately.

6 , are not allowed to work overload lines , are not allowed access to high-capacity fuse.

7 , must be operated electric chain saw with both hands .

8 , when the job must be firm , not allowed to stand on the bottom of the original article or timber and may scroll bar or the original timber operations.

9 , exclude the folder when sawing failure, should pay special attention to security support staff .

10 , during the operation , should be ready to lubricate and cool the sawmill agency.

11 , when the primitive streak is about to saw off , you should pay attention to the movements of the wood , electric chain saws filed quickly after sawing .

12 , must be closed when the transfer switch operating electric chain saws and metastasis are not allowed to run.

13 , the following conditions should be immediately cut off the power :

a) saw chain after hit other objects , you need to check the time before restarting the damage ;

b) abnormal sound or vibration when operating , and troubleshooting when you need to check ;

c) the operator when leaving the electric chain saws ;

d) found near or in the original timber to move ;

e) when the clip bucking saw ;

f) found leakage ;

Second, at the end of the job

After a day job , you should tighten all nuts, bolts , screws, check the saw chain , guide and sprocket wear , make the necessary adjustments and replacement.

Check the power plug and cable insulation abrasion damage is found should be replaced or repaired.

Should clean up before long-term storage of residual wood chips and dirt , remove the saw chain and guide plate and coated with anti-rust oil , the motor should be dust-proof protection.

Should be stored in a dry environment .

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