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Electric drill, impact drill, electric hammer distinction and selection [2015-12-16]

1 if you often in the concrete wall drilling, then a two kg hammer is the best choice for you. Because the structure of cylinder hammer, beat is very high, and has 1000 per minute to 3000 beat frequency, can produce significant force, make you an easy job to do in the concrete wall drilling. With a connecting rod and ordinary drill chuck, it can complete the function of electric drill, to achieve the purpose of one machine with multifunction. Is the speed hammer + adapter +13 mm drill rod head, only a few hundred yuan, with several commonly used drills, so your home decoration most tasks can be achieved. Suitable for home improvement, the most suitable for a diameter of 10 mm and 10 mm below the hole.
2 if in addition to concrete drilling, but also drilling in wood and metal, and holes in concrete under ten mm, can consider the impact drill, impact drill on helical gear impact, impact force as hammer. But the price is low, like the 500 Watt impact drill is a very good choice.
3 if you often hold or loosen the screws (computer enthusiasts often do), or in the drilling of wood or iron, then you can buy a rechargeable electric screwdriver, it is the most convenient tool in these two aspects. Charging type electric screwdriver and screwdriver head set on a set, easy to get to your work.
4 you must know the drill, it is suitable for drilling in wood or iron, but don't count on it as much in the concrete wall drilling, do it very easy to damage the machine, an electric drill is the most economical power tools, even if it is imported, only to hundreds of yuan.

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