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Electric Drill knowledge collection(1) [2013-11-06]


Drill into three categories: hand drill, impact drill, hammer drill
1.Drill : minimum power use is limited to drilling in wood and when an electric screwdriver to use, does not have much practical value .
2.Impact Drill : Impact Drill impact mechanism with houndstooth style and ball two. Ball -type impact drills from the moving plate , fixing , ball and other components. Moving plate connected by a threaded spindle , and with 12 balls ; fixing pin fixed to the chassis use , and with four balls , the thrust under the action of 12 balls along the four ball rolling , carbide drill bit to make a rotating impact exercise, in brick, block , concrete and other brittle materials drilling. Disengage the pin , so that the follower plate fixing rotate together , not an impact drill can be used for general purposes.
3.Hammer drill : Also called Hammer can drill holes in any material , the most widely used

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