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Electric Drill maintenance [2015-11-29]

Electric  Drill because the need for ventilation and heat dissipation, and long-term use of internal has an abundance of dust, and dust will be the gear and a bearing sliding sleeve) on the lubricating oil mixed metamorphic dry wear intensifies, especially alternative use of even more. For security drill rotating precision, reduce because of bearing sliding sleeve) wear and produced a large gap, therefore, need to keep clean inside and grease lubrication.
Loosen the electric drill outside a few pieces of self tapping screws or screws, flat half shell opened; structure of the new electric drill is semi recessed, namely all mechanical and electrical components are device in the other half of the shell;
Be careful to take off the carbon brush, again drill chuck with the end, and then gently lift motor the rotor out (not to bruise enameled wire), clear wipe rotor commutator (and carbon brush contact of that is, if it is too dirty or severe wear can be the first to use emery cloth grinding water sand paper or metallographic sandpaper polished to a high gloss.
Rotor before and after the bearing if it is sealed to the outside can be wiped clean, if the seal is broken should be replaced in time. Clean the front of the rotor with a clean spiral.
Clean the grease inside the shell. The drill chuck rod on helical gears and bearings at both ends (or sleeve) wipe clean.
To unload Dongdong loaded back, first install the rotor; and then install drill chuck rod helical gear; loaded carbon brush, carbon brush if shorter than 7-8 mm to timely change. Carbon brush to flatten installed, and finally find a little "Mobil" or the "shell" grease and between the gears and bearings (or sleeve) all parts to be packed flat to check there is no mistake can cover the other half, tighten the screws, hand rotating feel no clamping stagnation before they can electrify test.

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