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Electric drill reduction gear and double reduction [2013-12-16]

Reduction gear: is the axis of the teeth on the rotor directly with the output shaft of the gear transmission, such as electric drill usually speed is high, the torque is small.


Double reduction: is to set up a set of gears in the gearbox, we usually call the middle tooth, tooth and a small plate by an intermediate gear assembly together, the shaft of the rotor rotates with small plate first tooth connection transmission, is small and intermediate shaft tooth board together synchronous rotation, and then by the intermediate shaft gear connected to the output shaft gear transmission, through the design, improve the gear ratio, thus the output speed drop down. Advantage is that electric drill is less likely to be stopped, apply to some drill iron class assignments. But big torque on the operator's grip is to pay attention to, big torque, drill reaction will be bigger.

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