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Electric grinding purchase method [2015-01-21]

( 1 ) Note that if regular factory brand. Regular manufacturers of products with complete " three cards" , and 
adopted the "3C" certification , complete accessories, improve service, and trustworthy.
( 2 ) , high-quality electric motor and mill using high quality plastic , and the use of double insulation structure , 
security can * , and built-in interference suppressors to prevent interference to television, radio and radio 
equipment , rational design , feel better and more refined , this is the product of some small workshops jerry can 
not adjoin the United States . Like switch, speed , power cord so " humble " little place to better reflect the 
requirements of the manufacturer's quality standards and processes in an intuitive , reliable selection of quality 
products is more for their own safety and durability a guarantee.
( 3 ) , in addition to a more intuitive way to differentiate is to put together two or Taipower mill , power and be 
identified by the sound , because most of the current electric mill 0rpm ~ 30000rpm type adjustable speed range , 
high quality the electric mill powerful, rapid acceleration and powerful, and the poor quality of power and 
acceleration weakness , lack of obvious power , less than the nominal , even with abnormal noise , so it is difficult 
to ensure the quality of the product , it will not use smoothly.

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