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Electric hand grinder safety operation procedures [2014-10-07]

1.Electric hand wheel must have a solid shield and the good earth wire, otherwise it is
prohibited to use
2.Before use,you must carefully check whether there is any loose, on each part screw grinding
crack, metal shell and power cord with and without leakage.If the above problems, we must fix
rear can use.
3.When using, the first to be blank experiment if there is no problems can operate.
4.In the work you need to wear the necessary protective equipment.Workers are not allowed to be
positive to the grinding wheel that must stand on the side.Grinder to get steady and slowly
contact artifacts, and fierce pressure is not allowed.
5.When people use are rotating grinder is allowed on the ground, after waiting for grinding
wheel stopped to in a specified place.Temporary need not when,u must shut off the power.
6.You get to the patient if I found the power cord knot around from time to time that is not
portable wires or grinder to pull.
7.When replacement of grinding wheel, you carefully check whether there is any crack or damage
on grinding wheel piece, and when using a wrench tight nut,it must be properly elastic.
8.Grinding machine to be stored in a dry place, it is strictly prohibited in the water and
9.Grinder to have someone who's in charge of and preventive maintenance.

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