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Electric saw preparations before operation [2015-10-16]

Electric circular saw is a single-phase on excitation motor to power through the transmission mechanism drive the circular 
saw blades sawing and cutting operation tool, with safe, reliable, reasonable structure, work efficiency higher characteristic. 
It is suitable for cutting wood, fiber board, plastic and soft cable and similar materials for cutting operations.
Saw blade, shell, handle does not appear crack, damage.
Cable wire and plug switch intact, normal, protective zero connection is correct, reliable.
The blade is fitted securely, bolts are tightened, and whether the saw blade grip chuck. The plane is the direction of blade horizontal axis and vertical electric circular saw.
Examination of the movable protective cover the rotation is flexible, there is no deformation, and circular saw blade will not friction, the connection is reliable, the 
operation will not fall off.
Check the side handle is fitted securely, or loose when holding operation.
Check whether the  workpiece has been firmly fixed.

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