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Electric tool enterprises need to enhance brand awareness [2016-01-15]

Our country is a hardware tool of production and export country, at present the world use of electric tool 85% is made by the Chinese production, even if the foreign production of electric tools in most parts of the processing is completed by china. From the data point of view, the power tool market share is very high, but there are many problems from the other side of view:
First, the high-end market is still the main international brands
In fact, not only the electric tools, domestic hardware products are the same problem, manufacturers in order to quickly occupy the market share, have stepped in the low-end product line, for high-end products, the lack of innovation, long-term since the high-end market is the brand to occupy a dominant position. At the same time, even as the low-end products, the whole industry is not strong, there is no independent brand. The creation of independent brands, the need for the entire industry.
Two, the degree of product homogeneity is higher
The overall market is disorderly competition, price oriented, resulting in a higher degree of homogeneity of the product, in order to the short-term interests of the enterprise, the sacrifice is in fact the long-term interests of the entire industry.
Three, the impact of traditional channels
With the development of the Internet, more traditional industries will focus on the field of electricity suppliers, with the popularity of Internet thinking, the development of diversified channels will be the mainstream, the traditional channels will suffer an unprecedented impact
Four, the impact of raw materials market volatility
Electric tool industry is more sensitive to changes in raw materials. In recent years, with the obvious changes in the prices of raw materials, so that the production costs of electric tools continue to rise, the direct impact on the export of the entire industry products.
These problems will promote the transformation of electric tools. We only focus on products, establish a brand, optimize the channel in order to change the rapid occupation of the commanding heights of the market.

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