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Electric tool manufacturers Chuan Ben has entered the globalization, don't you join up? [2014-02-18]


Yesterday from Lhasa, Mr Ho, dedicated to all the way from Lhasa to 
come to see our factory one eye, he is through the network to find us, 
is very trust our Corporation started, he also in the first time you 
choose to look at the our corporation, his old home from Sichuan, set 
up shop in Lhasa, because Lhasa side of the construction industry is 
relatively developed, so he chose this industry development of electric 
He is a very straightforward person, in the process of our 
conversation, he said that as long as the quality is good, that he does 
not have what problem, he chose to believe us, believe yourself. During 
the visit, Mr Ho because of temperature difference, Sichuan run 
electric tool to buy local Yongkang fingers rock ginger tea to Mr Ho 
dispel cold temperature.
Even all the way to customers in Lhasa to join the Sichuan run electric 
tools, you still hesitate to do, also don't you act quickly? Chuan ran 
together with you into the local people of the world, so you can make a 
lot of money, so you have to believe in yourself, trust Chuan Ben! Let 
Sichuan with Ben you more opportunities to make money, so if you want 
to join the Sichuan run direct join hotline: 400-6388-010, Chuan run, 
quality bearing the future!!

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