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Electric tool manufacturers concerned about the IS of the hacker organization of war [2015-11-24]

Recently, the manufacturers of electric tools and Chuanben very attention of terrorist attacks in Paris. In recently saw the world's largest hacker organization "anonymous" is a declaration of war on video news, although the hacker is not a serious career, some hackers is also very hate, but "anonymous" this to denounce or very positive energy.
Electric tool manufacturers Chuanben to see the international hacker organization anonymous person in the video site YouTube that day to upload video, IS declared war. In the video, with a sign of "V for Vendetta" Mask "anonymous" organization spokesman said in French, they stand in the position of human solidarity, never forget will not forgive is the behavior. "The global 'anonymous' will put you out. You should know that we will find you, and will not let you go." The spokesman issued a warning to IS, "we will be the biggest ever network attack on you." , "anonymous" spokesman said in the video, "we will hunt you down your website, account, e-mail, exposure to your identity."
As far as I know, the organization began in 2005, the organization began to organize the random hacking, reputation gradually changed. According to reports, the organization has been on the network to compete with IS, in addition to the IS related websites and accounts for the attack, but also through the network to conduct espionage and intelligence gathering activities, has sent many messages to the U.S. intelligence agency including the location of the IS terrorists. Former CIA director David Petreus said the intelligence is very valuable for anti-terrorism."
While hackers not aboveboard role, but compared to the the aboveboard, dealing with the terrorist organization did not need to by means of very bright.

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