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Electric tool safety operation(TWO) [2014-07-26]

       6, current rating of the leakage protector leakage current action shall not be greater than 30 ma, action time shall not be greater than 0.1 seconds;Voltage type leakage action voltage rating of the leakage protector shall not be more than 36 v.
      7, the operation of the electric machine switch should be placed in the reach of the operator.When a sudden power failure in rest, from work or work, should be cut off the power switch.
      8, when using portable or mobile power tools, insulating gloves must be worn, or stand in the insulating mat;The move tool, do not carry live parts or tools rotation.
      9, in wet or contain acids on the site and used in metal container class III of the insulation of electric tools, and reliable insulation measures must be taken care by designated personnel.Electric tool switch should be located in the guardian within reach.
      10, magnetic drill sucker disk plane should level off, clean, no rust, sidetrack drilling or drilling time, should take measures to prevent drill after losing electricity body of falling.
       11, using electric wrench, the torque protection should be buckled by prison and do nut rear can start.

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