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Electric tool safety operation [2015-07-11]

1, portable electric machinery and hand-held electric tools of single-phase power cord must be used three core soft rubber cable, three phase four core rubber cable, power cord must be usedWire, cable sheath should wear into the terminal box and fixed equipment.
2, electric tools before the use should check the following items:
(1) the shell, the handle without crack, without damage;
(2) the protective earthing line or zero line connected correctly and firmly;
(3) the cable or cord in good condition;
(4) the plug in good condition;
(5) action of switch is normal, flexible, and without defect;
(6) electrical protection device in good condition;
(7) mechanical protection device in good condition;
(8) part of the flexible rotation.
3, electric tool insulation resistance should be regularly use 500 v megohmmeter measurements, such as the insulation resistance between live parts and the shell are not up to 2 m Ω must repair processing.
4, electric tool electrical parts after repair, must carry out pressure test, measuring insulation resistance and insulation test voltage is 380 v, test time is 1 minute.
5, connect the electric circuits of the electric machinery and tools should be separately set the switch or socket, and furnish the leakage current protector, metal shell can;It is strictly prohibited to a brake after multiple devices

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