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Electric tools export growth increase obviously in our country [2014-08-18]

         China is the world's largest power tools producer and exporter, electric tool the industry income

of about 60 billion yuan in 2013, more than 60% are exported.The boom of 2007 electric tool industry in

China is higher, the whole machine exports amounted to 192 million, and since the outbreak of the global

financial crisis in 2008, out of the mouth quantity minimum down to 160 million;But overall exports in

2013 reached 2013 (up 5.24%), the export amount of $6.207 billion (up 9.24%), of record history.
             Especially in 4 quarter of 2013, electrician tools export growth promotion is more apparent: 13

years 4 quarter of electric tool machine exports growth reached 18.52%, electric tool parts exports

growth of 103.94%, quarter by quarter improvement trend is more obvious.We expect that with further

overseas economic recovery, and the end of the unilateral upward trend, 14 years industry export growth

will be good for 13 years.As we communicate with people in the industry, also proves the conclusion.
               Electric tools in China's main export market is North America and Europe, including the United

States and Germany for the first and the second largest market, exports accounted for 30.84%, 6.68%.13

years for Europe's export growth reached 9.47%, highest for nearly five years of growth, 14 years to

speed up the increase in European market.13 years, America's GDP growth is about 1.9%, and the electric

tool industry in our country by more than 7% of its export growth, the United States in February 14 years

ago GDP growth of about 3%, is expected to 14 years in the year of America's electric tool needs to grow

by more than 10%.Industry experts estimate that in 2014 China's export growth will reach more than 10%,

electric tool industry 1 times higher than that of 13 years growth, exports accounted for larger

enterprises have good development opportunities.

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