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Electric tools factory development brand is not equal to quality [2014-08-25]

          Nowadays, electric tool industry is becoming more and more developed, such as DONGCHENG, Auburn, great friends, general dealers are all know, now first, fakes, genuine and silly points not clear.
        Once in the small profit era, wooden door enterprises should make full use of raw materials, reduce the inventory, give full play to the human benefit, optimize the procurement and sales link, each working procedure cost control is the chance of profit growth point.In household building materials to small profit era, many brands have begun to seek new market survival, to diversify the products.
         Many dealers when choosing electric tools to join in, want to on a "big brands".However, the "big brand" can not round on you again.If, by chance, dealers, with strength and it is good to have the ability to choose "big brands", because it can effectively reduce the strength of the product market development.But, then again, even if a mature industry market can be called "big brands" are also few, and one is still in the development of industry, a rare real "big brands".As a dealer must recognize that market opportunities are not belong to the "big brands", some "little brand", "new brand" in the area also have the chance to win the market.Because of the big brands may also beyond, or product features enough, not enough localization, and domestic market demand.
          In the modern international society, electric tool manufacturer competition is essentially the competition of products, and the competitiveness of the products are mainly reflected on the quality.World famous power tools manufacturer with strong competitiveness, it is important, is that they are always around the theme of the quality of the products is both a challenge and opportunity to improve the operation and management, development of new technology, to produce higher quality products.Sichuan and running of the electric tool worth your waiting!       

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