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Electric tools, how much do you know ? [2014-08-22]

          Electric tools in early 1895, it has emerged, Germany overtone to create the world's first

direct current drill.The shell made from cast iron, can be in 4 mm steel plate with a hole.Then

the three-phase power frequency (50 hz) drill, but the motor speed can't exceed 3000 r/min.In

1914, a single-phase series motor driven power tools, motor speeds above 10000 r/min.In 1927, the

power supply frequency is 150 ~ 200 hz frequency electric tool, it not only has the advantage of

high single-phase series motor rotation speed, but also has the advantages of simple structure,

reliable three-phase power frequency motor, but because of the need medium frequency power

supply, current use is restricted.
             In sight for sichuan and running of the electric tool has set up a file in the electric tool

industry production for 17 years, the quality is good, price is excellent, obtain first-hand

affordable machine for the client, believe that after electric tools can bring greater

convenience to people, believe in electric tools, believe in sichuan and the running of the

electric tool!

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