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Electric tools in China market has become increasingly mature [2014-09-01]

           China is electric tools production country.Domestic electric tool 90% is domestic sales, No

matter production and sales, our country is the world electric tool center and suppliers.However,

in fact, due to technical innovation ability weak, weak market structure is too single, brand

influence factors, such as many hardware tools manufacturing enterprises tend to lack the core

competitiveness, it is difficult to do bigger and stronger.
            In domestic electric tools market, domestic electric tool sales number has accounted for

90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the

market.Foreign electric tools market, China's manufacturing scale constantly expanding, has

become a global power tools production base in China.Domestic market of quality power tools and

power tools brand more centuries carved, whether electric tool distributor, is still the Po

directly to the user, is face up to the quality and brand of power tools.Market, therefore, the

slope of good quality, good brand electric tools.This is a kind of improving that electric tools

market matures

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