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Electric tools nine large application scope and three characteristics [2014-09-30]

There are more than  nearly 500 varieties electric tools have been developed in the world

The three major features:
(1) Light structure, convenient to carry.
(2) than the hand tools can improve labor productivity several times to dozens times;
(3) than the pneumatic tool with high efficiency, low cost, small vibration and easy to


Nine large scope of application:
(1) in the machinery industry: drilling, tapping, sawing, derusting, grinding, polishing,

expansion tube and screw, bolt and nut fastening, etc.
(2) farmland leveling, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, mining, drilling,

concrete tamping,
(3) in the railway construction;Ballast tamping.
(4) in the farming and animal husbandry, pesticide spraying, shearing.
(5) in the tea plucking and forestry, logging, building material, branch.
(6) in the wood processing: saw, planer, tenon, sanding.
(7) health care;Saw bone, bone drill, tear open gesso.
(8) in the arts and crafts, carving, carpet cut.
(9) special purpose: shear plate, hole punching and shearing, Angle of drill for drilling in

small places, sit magnetic drill can adsorption in the processed steel pieces of the operation,

since the paddle sawing machine can automatically cut off the large diameter steel pipe,

electric constant torque wrench can achieve constant tension control bolt, pull riveting gun

can single riveting artifacts, etc

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