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Electric tools ten common sense [2015-11-18]

1, motor how to cool?
Armature the fan rotation, the outside air through vents introduction, then the rotation of the fan let the air through the internal space of the motor, cooling the motor.
2, for noise suppression capacitor
When using equipment series excited motor of electric tools in the motor commutator and carbon brush this will spark, it will interfere with radio and television, medical equipment and so on, which must in electric tool assembly suppression capacitor, choke coil, and plays a role in anti interference.
3, motor how to reverse?
The vast majority of electric tools reverse rotation is the reverse current direction to achieve, by changing the connection electric circuit, can realize the direction reverse.
4, what is the brush?
When electric tools, brush to bridge is the same as the important role, inductance coil and an armature coil is connected with current.
5, what is the electronic brake?
Due to inertia, the armature will continue to rotate after the machine is closed, and there is an electromagnetic field that remains in the stator. At this moment the armature and the rotor are like a generator, producing a torque. The direction of the torque is in the opposite direction of the rotating armature.
6, frequency for electric tools
China is now for the 50HZ AC, but there are some countries use the 60HZ AC, when the 50HZ electric power tool use 60HZ electric current, or 60HZ power tools use 50HZ power, the power tools are not affected (except air compressor).
7, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance of electric tools, such as in an air outlet of the machine to keep clean, good heat dissipation of the whole machine insurance, after using a period of time, to the degree of wear of the check brush. If you need to replace the carbon brush, to ensure that the new brush can slide freely in the brush holder.
8, the use of tools, the phenomenon of blocking. Such as drilling cutting, should promptly release the switch, cut off power, so as to avoid motor, switch, electrical wiring of the burn.
9, the use of metal casing tools, the machine with leakage protection three plug power line, at the same time must be used with leakage protection of the power outlet, use in the use of water, do not be splashed, so as to avoid leakage accident.
10, when the motor is replaced, whether it is bad or the stator is bad, the rotor or stator must be replaced with the matching technology parameters, such as the replacement of the motor will be caused by the motor.

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