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Errors in the use of electric tools(One) [2015-09-17]

1.The power of the circular saw is more big more better? 
No.Power of circular saw is according to your needs, for example, you want to cut the big wood,Depanding the kind of wood. The higher the power, the higher the cost and the use of the blade is also the more thick lead to waste of wood.
2.Should i choose 7 inch or 9 inch electric circular saw?
lectric saw which is mainly suitable for wood, fibreboard, plastics and soft cable and similar materials for sawing and cutting operations. 7 inch and 9 inch of the difference lies in the depth of the cut, see what you want to cut. Certainly the 9 inch cut deeply.
3.How many woodworking circular saw revolutions per minute is good?
According to the size of the diameter of the saw blade, the thickness of the saw blade, a maximum capacity, to achieve the purpose of the best of the ability, in 2500 - 6000 rpm, except in special circumstances.
4.Electric circular saw to cut concrete?
Of course not, if the wrong operation will lead to injury.
5.Electric saw rotor and stator gap much good?
General 0.3-0.6mm is the best, the larger the diameter of the gap is large, but can not exceed 0.6, more than the future will affect the performance of the motor, too small to increase the difficulty of the assembly


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