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Four kinds of safety protection of electric tool [2013-08-28]


By a motor or solenoid, through the transmission mechanism of an automated tool called power tools. It is used to hold his hand and small power motor or driven, task driven by an electromagnetic actuator body tools .
Power tool safety are the following four :
1 , security tools , tools and grounding , insulation structure: all or most have basic insulation. If the insulation is damaged, because of an obvious grounding and grounding of metal parts mounted on the fixed ( see the ground ) or protect wires together, is not zero , you can prevent the alleged electric actuator.
2 , security tools: This tool consists of basic insulation insulation structure consists of insulation and double insulation or reinforced insulation. When the basic insulation damage , the operator through the extra insulation and separation shock. Ⅱ tools must be used , is not allowed to connect the power plug .
3 , the tool of security protection : A tool to safe voltage supply. Safe voltage between the body and the conductor or any guidance between the voltage does not exceed the free 50V rms phase power , command, the boundaries between the no-load voltage does not exceed 29V rms . Security or safety isolation voltage transformer is usually by independent windings. Ⅲ converter tool does not allow for earthing .

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