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Frequently Asked Questions to CHUANBEN POWER TOOLS(FIRST) [2015-05-26]

1.Where there is a high quality power tools manufacturer?
Chuan Ben power tools, power tools excellent Chinese manufacturer of power tools 17 years experience in the production and export experience, professional power tools with an excellent R & D team Trade Commissioner.
2.Cheap drill in where?
In china ,In yongkang,In ChuanBen.
3.ChuanBen power tools manufacture  support OEM?
Yes, support OEM. Can customized according to the different requirements of guests to make changes
4.Chuan Ben a factory? Promise me is the lowest price?
Yes, We are factory and have 17 years experience in production power tools ,Professional R & D team and good after sale service. Of course,lowest price
5.Can you provide samples ?
Of course.Can provide the best samples according to the request of the guests
6.The quality of the products?
Export quality is elastic,We are according to customers requirements to production, if you need the high quality of the products, we can do, if you need high quality and inexpensive products, we can also do
7.Power tool use Precautions
1. Keep the work area clean  
2. Don't use the tools, in the rain, much humidity or where flammable liquids and gases exists. 
3. Keep The electric wire away from heat, oil and sharp objects. The wire should be replaced when it is damaged.
4. Do not exceed the tool's working-ability 
5. Don't using small power of electricity when it overload works
6. Do not use this tool to work out of its functions.
7. Wear overalls and protective glasses when you are working

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