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Gasoline saws used items [2015-06-11]

Boot method A. Filling moderate chain oil and fuel, respectively, tighten the oil cap, fuel flap, so that it is in a fully closed position.
Remove from heat. Switch to open position.
3. After the hand lever press the trigger control arm, reoccupy finger press the trigger, up to the press at the same time into the left side of the starting from the lock button, make the gas in the starting state.
4. The throttle lever pull out, so that it is closed.
Five. Hand pull pull plate for a start, when they hear inside the cylinder push the throttle lever after pop into him, and then hand pull starter.
6. After completion of starting, pull the trigger to loosen, make full of preheating and lubrication of the engine parts, then step on the gas, make the chain is in working status, at the same time check the chain in the process of operation for oil jet (jet is normal).
Note: don't start at the time, if inhaled too much fuel in the cylinder cylinder will cause flooding phenomena and won't start, desirable spark plugs, thumb with his left hand holding the spark plug hole, pull starter 5-6 times, eliminate product oil, and then install the spark plug, again in the correct method of operation.

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