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Hammer operational use [2015-01-17]

First, personal protection when using hammer
1 , the operator must wear protective glasses to protect the eyes , face upward when the job, to wear a protective 
mask .
2 , long-term jobs fortress good earplugs to reduce the impact of noise.
3 , long after the job is in the searing drill state, attention should replace skin burns .
4 , when the job using the side handle , two-handed operation , to prevent the reaction force when a sprained arm 
stall .
5 , standing on a ladder to work or work at heights should be prepared to measure falls , ladders should be ground 
staff support.
Second, should note before work
1. Make sure the scene connected power supply nameplate is consistent with the hammer . Whether connected 
with leakage protection.
2, the drill bit and the holder shall be adapted and properly installed.
3 , drilling walls, ceilings, floors when should first confirm whether the laying of cables or pipelines.
4 , in the high places , to give full attention to the following objects and pedestrian safety , set up warning signs if 
5. Confirm the hammer switch is off , if the power switch is turned on , then plug into an electrical outlet power 
tool will start turning at once , which may lead to personal injury hazards.
6 , if the workplace away from the power of the place , the need to extend the cable , use sufficient capacity , 
installation of qualified extension cable. By extension cable as a pedestrian should be elevated or do cable is 
damaged to prevent rolling .

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