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Hammer 's advantage [2013-12-28]

1 , precise speed control switch :: low speed when the touch switch that can help smooth the machine from the drill ( for example, on a smooth surface tiles from drilling, the drill can not only prevent slip , you can prevent drilling rupture. Normal You can use speed to ensure work efficiency .

2 , good shock absorption system : allows the operator comfortable grip , relieve fatigue .

Approach : a, through the " vibration control system " to achieve ;

b, by soft grip handle increases comfort ;

3 , stable and reliable safety clutch : also known as torque limiting clutch to avoid high torque during use due to catching drills reaction force generated is passed to the user , which is a safe and user protection. This feature also prevents the gear unit and the motor stops rotating .

4 , Reversible function: Hammer can use a wider range , mainly through its realization in the form of a switch or adjust the position to achieve carbon brushes , tools are usually big brushes will be used to adjust the position ( rotating brush holder ) to achieve, so the benefit of this is easy to operate , effectively inhibit spark to protect the commutator , extending motor life

5 , comprehensive motor protection devices: the use of granular inevitably have a hard object into the machine ( especially for machines up drilling operations , such as the top of the wall for drilling ) , if the motor is not rotating at high speed in a protective , in touch easily be broken or scratched hard object enameled , eventually leading motor failure.

6 , dual-function hammer drill.


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