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Having a moral life , having integrity to do business [2014-11-27]

Recently,a Video very attract everyone 's attention.Video content is inside a bus in Suzhou,A man on the bus because throwing Nutshell by another person said,then the man curse the other man seven minutes.the other man can't patient it so beat him.We call people who throw seeds shell "seeds Man" ,the beating people called " Suit Man"
Civilized ride is a reflection of personal qualities that each of us should consider others in social life , and work together in order to create a harmonious home. For around the uncivilized phenomenon , calm and rational way to stop it , as the city owner,we should work together.
Finally, the police will be brought to the police station after the two have been on the two acts were carried out criticism and education . " Suit man" hit anyone , indeed has violated the provisions of relevant laws , should bear the responsibility. After police mediation, both sides realized his mistake , it was agreed negotiation process , and ultimately to the "seeds man" 100 yuan compensation for medical expenses, the parties to each other not to pursue the matter by " suit man ."
ChuanBen editor here to warn you : To be a moral man , and the business is the same, in order to do business integrity and business.

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