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Hitachi acquired German electric tool giant [2015-11-17]

According to foreign media in November 16, Hitachi production of the subsidiary of Hitachi, Hitachi, recently announced the acquisition of German electric tool maker Metabo . 
Acquisition costs amounted to 22100000000 yen (about 1150000000 yuan). Hitachi will strive to expand sales in europe. Equity transfer will be carried out in March 1st next year.
Metabo has built a network of 25 countries in the world, especially in Germany as the center of Europe has a strong sales network. Hitachi hopes to use the acquisition to expand sales in Europe, in addition to Japan's domestic and North American markets. Metabo's 2014 fiscal year combined sales of about 47000000000 yen.
Hitachi Motor President of self-cultivation in Tokyo held a press said: "Metabo, we are upgrading the enterprise value for partners. Will continue to enhance the efficiency of management and other departments."

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